The Peace Club is a student-led organization at Oregon State University. The Peace Club is open to any OSU student no matter their race, background, age, gender or views. We value equality, community, and connection. The core value of our club is to work towards cultivating peace throughout our community. We work to implement consciousness into our school by advocating for sustainability, human and animal rights, health and education. As members, we also work together to create peace within our own selves. We do this by spending time in nature, creating art, learning about everyday mindfulness, and surrounding our selves with music. Peace is a new club that does not have restrictions or limitations on activities. We work together to come up with any events we think will be good for our school or our own practices. In a world that is consumed with stressors and challenging times, Peace club members want to make sure that we can all remember to make the time for ourselves, our planet, and our community. We are putting our energy into building a happier, healthier ecosystem. It is time for a change in our society, and Peace Club members are making that change.